About the RM Factory

RM Factory was born from the knowledge that  every customer relationship begins at the first point of contact.

In fact, we’ve been building ‘customer experiences’ well before the phrase customer experiences (CX) became part of the marketing  and sales lexicon.

We know that data driven strategies are everything, and flawless execution is everything else and the design, integration and management of all those contact points are where brand perceptions are formed and the war on market-share and customer loyalty is ultimately won….or lost.

We opened RM Factory to provide clients with world class expertise in a more nimble environment. RMF services ensures clients are aligning all marketing, sales and operations resources to deliver the best possible customer experience that drives long term value for your customers and improves your bottom line.

Agency Facts

  • Established 2006
  • Woman owned LLC
  • Co-Founded by Madison Avenue Agency Veterans
  • 100% Virtual
  • Geographically Distributed  Workforce Across the US
  • Generated billions of customer experiences  for our clients and their customers

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